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Pink isn’t Victoria’s Secret or bubblegum.  It’s the color of Barbie-Love’s “glam-rock-with-PoP” singer-song-writer soul.  A little bit of sexy, a little bit of sweet.  The bright-eyed look of the girl next door – with the vibrant smile of a vixen.

Barbie Love exudes confidence and contagious energy, and she ups the ante on the meaning of a full-package PoP performance.  Unlike many of the other in-your-face performers these days, Barbie Love doesn’t need to pounce to get your attention.  Somehow this dynamic Ukrainian PoP-diva makes pleather and plastic look as natural as your fave pair of worn-in True Religions.  With a sexy come hither and an intoxicating allure, Barbie Love sweetly seduces her audience.

Maybe an engaged on-looker would have a moment of déjà vu.  Who is this girl?   She’s not Britney… Not Lady Gaga.  Nope, not Rhianna either.  Kylie Minogue?  Nope.  Maybe Madonna.  But not Madonna either… There’s no other way to describe this ambitious Ukrainian PoP star except as “Barbie Love” – a girl on the edge of her own dream who brings soul to “Plastic” and “PoP” to the modern pop-rock genre.  You need to see for yourself to understand.  There’s just something contagious about Barbie-Love…